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Ripsaw was formed in April 2001 by Krullenzith (vocals)
and Loki (Guitar) after being involved in several
projects with unmotivated members. Together
the wrote 3 songs and recorded their 1st demo
entitled "Torn". The purpose of the demo was
to find serious musicians by getting copies
circulating in the Houston area.
After searching
for members with the same goals and drive as
themselves, Phil (guitar), Mario (bass),
and Todd (Drums) joined the band.

In August 2001 the band went into the studio
at Sixtone Productions, Inc. to record their
demo entitled "Blinded By Fear". The demo
received very good responses from friends,
other bands, and people in the Houston
metal scene as well as people involved
with record labels. Things were finally falling
into place for the band.

In November 2001 members of the grew apart
mainly due to the result of financial problems.
Krullenzith and Loki continued trying
to keep the band going. Loki is now on
drums and Krullenzith will begin adding
dark atmosphere to the new material.
Mario is back on bass and Beau has joined
as an additional vocalist. Guitarists Dustin and
James of thrash metal band, Crimson Massacre
joined the band in March 2002 . Our next goal
is to record a new demo with the new line-up
and spread our chaos to the masses.

Our music can be described as transcendent metal
because we have many influences from various
subgenres. You will find obvious influences of
thrash, hardcore, death, black, and new metal in our
music as well as dark atmosphere in our new material.

Ripsaw is:
Krullenzith - Vocals and Keyboards
Beau - Vocals
Dustin - Guitar
James - Guitar
Loki - Drums
Mario - Bass

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